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Alternative Energy


Solar power is becoming increasingly popular, as companies are reducing their carbon footprint and positively impacting their bottom line. At the Hayden Power Group, we are ready to help companies start saving on their energy costs. By harvesting the sun’s energy, you decrease your dependency on non-renewable resources. Let us help you get there.


Our solar experts work with you to meet your solar needs, providing turnkey solar solutions for developers, end-users, investors, government agencies, and commercial businesses.

The Hayden Power Group offers comprehensive solar solutions to help you improve your energy efficiency, including electrical energy audits and electrical solutions.

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Benefits of going solar 

  • Reduce operating costs with a long-term solar life expectancy

  • Hedge against rising costs of electricity by generating your own

  • Boost brand recognition and show your customers yo­­­u care about the environment

  • Save on taxes and increase property value

  • Add more clean energy to the grid

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