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Hayden Power Group - a family-owned electrical contractor – energizing our customers with safely provided state-of-the-art solutions for all types of electrical needs, and lighting the path for our highly valued professional teams with long term career opportunities.  Power is our life!


To safely provide the best electrical services in the industry, creating successful projects with highly-skilled, committed, and engaged teams focused on excellent employee and customer satisfaction.


  • Trustworthy – Our employees are reliable, honest and truthful team members. They are responsive, dependable and loyal and make decisions based on ethics and faith.

  • Integrity – Our teams are honest, have strong moral principles, good character, sincerity when making decisions and an ability to accept responsibility for their actions.

  • Highly Skilled - Our employees receive an education that equips them with a broad base of knowledge, and a high-performance skill profile including advanced computation, communication and technology skills in the workplace. Our company prides itself on our employees who have enhanced behavioral skills with an applied technical education or apprenticeship training who can make educated decisions on their own.

  • Teamwork – Our teams demonstrate professionalism by continuing to collaborate as a group or partnership to achieve a common goal and to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way. Our teams recognize that working together to achieve goals requires a compromising attitude.

  • Loyalty - A strong feeling of support or allegiance with faithfulnesscommitment and dedication to the company.  Our employees are dependable, reliable, and steadfast when representing the company. We recognize this by continuing to support our employees’ overall performance on an ongoing basis.

  • Safety – Employee safety is our first priority in all we do. We ensure our teams’ and customers’ safety and work hard to make sure our employees go home safely every day.

  • Dependable – Our clients can rely on our teams for their ability to consistently perform in a professional, honest and truthful manner from project to project and to finish the job correctly on a timely basis.

  • Progressive -   Our teams are continuously growing and developing new standardized methods and ideas to help our clients and customers in this ever-changing environment. Our teams adapt to change and new ideas on an ongoing basis to help our clients build the future.


Since 1975, George J. Hayden, Inc. has provided superior and award-winning electrical services and renowned customer support to Northeast Pennsylvania and throughout the United States. We provide electrical services all across Northeastern PA and Eastern PA, including Hazleton, PA; Mountaintop, PA; Wilkes-Barre, PA; Drums, PA; Conyngham, PA; Sugarloaf, PA; Hazle Township, PA; Freeland, PA; Tamaqua, PA; Harrisburg, PA; the Poconos; Lehigh Valley; Luzerne County; Carbon County and Schuylkill County.

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"Our mission is to provide the highest quality electrical construction work in the safest manner for all of our customers."

There has been an enormous amount of change in our field within the past 40 years, and not only has Hayden Electric managed to stay on top of the latest technologies, but we’ve also strived to stay ahead of the pack to be amongst the revolution within the electrical industry. Hayden Electric is known for our skilled team that has expertise in a wide range of services, our customer service and our safety record at all stages of a project. Hayden Electric is helping our customers reduce electrical usage to save them money.


We do it all when it comes to electrical services. Whether our client needs a service call, an upgrade to an electrical panel, or a commercial/industrial installation, Hayden Electric has the capability to meet your needs. Have an emergency situation? Our technicians are just a phone call away and will contact you within 15 minutes.  This is our commitment to all of our clients. Please take some time to look around our site and get to know us better. We are sure you’ll like what you see. Check out some of the projects we’ve completed for countless satisfied customers.

The Hayden Power Group is a Registered PA Home Improvement Contractor – Registration Number: PA11799. For further information on the home improvement law visit:

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