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Rewiring Services

Rewiring by Licensed Electricians

The electrical wiring services provided by The Hayden Power Group can keep your property safe and your electrical system running efficiently. If you are building a new property, installing lighting fixtures, are experiencing problems, or are interested in upgrading your wiring for safety or energy-efficiency reasons, our electricians can help. We provide electrical rewiring services in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Does My Property Need Rewiring?

Watching for the signs of an electrical problem can help you avoid safety hazards and spikes in your electric bill. A thorough inspection is the best way to determine whether rewiring is necessary. We recommend calling a Hayden Power Group electrician to schedule an inspection and a rewiring estimate.

Not sure if your home might need rewiring services? See our list below of warning signs you should look for. 


Signs of faulty wiring in the home:

  • How old is your property? Age is the first indication of whether a building needs rewiring. Properties built more than 50 years ago may need rewiring, as they will have old and potentially damaged electrical systems not meant to handle the loads we put on them today.

  • Do you have aluminum wiring? The presence of aluminum wiring may also make rewiring necessary. Faulty aluminum wire connections can cause overheating and present a fire hazard. Aluminum wiring will have “AL” on the wiring jacket.

  • Do your circuit breakers trip frequently? This may be an indication of faulty or old wiring. Circuit breakers are meant to trip when a circuit is overloaded.

  • Are your outlets discolored or charred? Charred and discolored electrical outlets or switches usually mean that there is a short nearby. This can be caused by a loose connection or faulty wiring, which causes arcing and sparking. This is a serious fire hazard.


These are the major reasons you will need to hire a wiring electrician to tackle your outdated or unsafe system. Providing reliable wiring systems and preventing safety hazards is an essential part of the work we do.

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