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The Hayden Power Group implements efficient construction methods by pre-assembling electrical components in our on-site prefabrication shop to pass along cost-savings to our customers. By streamlining assembly of parts in the controlled environment of our prefab shop, we save our field team assembly time and labor costs. Prefab also improves the quality of production by using readily available tools and assembly line processes in a safe, controlled environment.


Our Prefab Team will creatively craft solutions and troubleshoot construction challenges encountered in the field.


Ideal for installations that:

  • Can be constructed on a bench instead of on a platform lift for safer installations, such as atrium lighting and supports.
  • Are assembled, wired and labeled on a bench instead of over high finishes, such as the wire-mold above lab counters.

  • Occur in areas of high congestion where fewer electricians would improve trade flow in areas, like multi-trade corridor carrier racks for conduit and piping.

  • Are used for remote projects where craftsman and material resourcing are challenging

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