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Preparatory School Students Attend Argument Court with Hayden Power Group General Counsel

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

On Tuesday, April 11th, Hayden Power Group employee Rebecca Warren helped arrange for local high school students from MMI Preparatory School to attend an Argument Court, held by a panel of Judges from the Pennsylvania Superior Court in Bloomsburg, PA at the Columbia County Courthouse. Judges Jack Panella, Deborah Kunselman, and Judith Olson presided. The educational experience was followed by a Bench-Bar (Judges-Attorneys) welcome event for the PA Superior Court Judges that evening. The event highlights the Hayden Power Group’s commitment to education and outreach in the community.

Photo includes PA Superior Court Judge Judy Olson, Bucknell Pre-Law student Noah Long, and Hayden Power Group General Counsel Rebecca Warren.

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