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Hayden Power Group Announces New Headquarters

On Monday, December 12th, The Hayden Power Group formally announced its plans to move its headquarters on East Maple Street in Hazleton, PA to a new and larger home on the Airport Beltway in Hazle Township by the end of 2023. The move comes after 44 years at its original location, spurred by recent success and growth, the Hayden Power Group is excited about the new facility, new challenges, and the new jobs they are creating in the area. George F. Hayden and other Hayden employees welcomed Senator David Argall (R-29, Rush Township) and State Representative Dane Watro (R-116, Kline Township) for a tour of the current headquarters and a discussion on the new facility. The Hayden Power Group hopes their investments, coupled with local government initiatives, spur new economic growth and opportunities in the region. For additional coverage of the expansion, as well as Sen. Argall and Rep. Watro’s visit, check out an article published in this week’s Standard-Speaker.

(Photo credit: John Haeger, Standard Speaker)

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