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Data Centers

Prevent customer data loss with a standby power system that meets Uptime Institute tier design requirements.



Without communication, business and safety break down in the event of an emergency. Let Hayden Electric keep your communications systems up and running during an extended power outage.



From ensuring that research facilities operate uninterrupted to protecting data from across multiple campuses, HPG can install standby power systems for institutes of higher learning.



In a critical field such as healthcare, power failures are simply not acceptable. The Hayden team can help with a standby power solution that will help protect your patients.


Municipal & Government

Emergency services such as police, fire, and 911 call centers, as well as vital local, county and state government services, can't afford to be without power in the event of an emergency. 


Office & Banking

Computers, lighting, video conferencing and climate control all require power. Keep your office or financial institution up and running during a power outage with a standby power system from the Hayden Power Group.

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Manufacturing & Warehouse

Each minute of downtime in a manufacturing or warehouse environment can mean lost revenue and work hours. Let the Hayden Power group install a generator to protect your business.


Other Industries

We can meet your needs for generator rentals, sales, installation, and repair. Call the Hayden Power Group today.


The Hayden Power Group is a certified Generac Service Dealer.




The Hayden Power Group offers a wide line of commercial generators that can keep your business going when the power goes out.

You can rely on Hayden to recommend the right size generator, and then to get you up and running. Our standby generators will:

  • Keep heating and air conditioning running

  • Keep lights and security systems on

  • Keep communication devices operational (telephone, television, and Internet)

Automatic standby power solutions are ideal for large residential, commercial and light industrial applications.

Protect your investments with a generator and ensure you stay open for business.

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