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Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical Panel Installation & Repair

The electrical panel is like the heart of your property, pumping electricity throughout each room and to each appliance or device that requires electricity to run. If there is an issue with your panel, this can cause various problems. These problems are inconvenient and potentially dangerous. Fire hazards and electric shock are potential consequences of an old, ineffective electrical panel.

If you are considering an electrical panel upgrade, a Hayden Power Group electrician can help. We conduct electrical safety inspections and handle electrical panel upgrades. 

Signs You Need to Update Your Electrical Panel

Recognizing the potential signs of an electrical panel that needs to be replaced can keep your property safe and energy efficient. As such, we have provided some simple signs that may show a problem is afoot. You can call a Bloomsburg new electrical panel expert for emergency repairs, an electrical safety inspection, or a complete upgrade.

Potential signs your electrical panel needs to be upgraded:

  • Circuit breakers trip frequently.

  • Circuit breakers do not trip when they should.

  • Lights dim or flicker when you turn on appliances.

  • You’re using extension cords to power devices in rooms/areas that do not have sufficient outlets.

  • Your electrical panel is more than 25 years old and is in poor condition.


Before you continue using an outdated, ineffective electrical panel, call a licensed electrical contractor who can troubleshoot the issue and determine whether replacement is necessary. You can count on our team to provide an honest assessment of your property’s electrical system.

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